2nd breakdown in 2 days.. 3 days an counting

October 6, 2010
After loosing a wheel on a bridge.. We gave it a serious crack.. half way to the Portugese boarder the engine dies… and we start leaking petrol..we miraculously get her going again.. but we’re leaking.. Hours later we pull in to get gas for the last time.. Home stretch!!
10 mins later.. she dies.. wont go any further! Half way up a hill outside the town/ city of Fundao, Portugal.. 2hrs short of arrival… we try to keep the laughs going.
While waiting for the tow truck for 2.5 hours..the highway patrol arrive to hangout roadside. We call a cab.. which never comes. We shack up in a hotel for the night.. Today the car is going to be ready at 4:30..maybe tonight we will be in Peniche.. 3 days!