Adventure into the land of ‘Carrefour’

August 15, 2010

As yet another ‘one drink’ gone horribly wrong hangover kicks into overdrive, we decide to venture south to Bayonne to explore the French version of Costco. The early wake up and badly burnt coffee dont help the all ready darkening cloud of alcohol poisoning strangling the general life of a saturday morning.

We needed to do something.

We meandered around for a while, amongst female shoe shops and over priced euro fashion. As we walked on I realised that not eating any breakfast was a very bad… feeling nauseous and rapidly turning pale..sustenance was cold pizza, coke and a massive macaron..literally brought me back from the depths of a hypochondriactic organ shutdown.

This was not a food store or even a supermarket..this was a super supermarket.. you could buy a 60″ tv, a whole pig and a block of cheese big enough to replace the flat tyre on the car. All while listening to some sort of French Eurovision Frank Sinatra. We were in consumer paradise, with ‘sale’ signs and sensory overload we somehow escaped the vortex of Carrefour.

It was home time.. tired, some-how hungy and out of money we scurried home to the comfort of the couch with a movie.. Bonne nuit.

^The national phallic symbol of France.

^More cured meat than a abattoir

^Pasta and spaghetti. Top five pour moi

^This isle is all cheese!

The cultural dejeuner (lunch) that save me in my zombie state.