Retrospective injury

October 24, 2009

Virgin Post or life post virgins.
In my twenty fifth year I find my self at a cross road.
As I lay on the couch trying to overcome knee surgery.
5th movie deep. I wonder whether it was flat landing jumps on a snowboard in America. Wipeouts or layback snaps and cutbacks in the water. Or whether it is a genetic disorder considering my father suffered from the same injury at the same period in his life.

The desire to run, travel and adventure is stronger than usual. The only adventure for me right now is moving to the other side of the couch and popping pain killers!! Im going to Sydney next weekend. Getting a ‘wicked camper van’. Oh the adventure of flight and drive! I hope i will be able to walk and drive a manual van. We’ll see! How normality is desirable. I just wanna surf again.